Roland Jabbour


Jabbour Holding Group has evolved from humble beginnings to become one of Australia’s most diverse companies. Reflecting the broader interests of the Chairman, Mr Roland Jabbour, many of the group’s subsidiary companies maintain a focus on the Arab world, and more specifically on enhancing economic, educational and trade links between Australia and the Arab region.

The group brings together expansive travel and tourism , international education, construction and property development and investment businesses all focused on providing exceptional outcomes for clients and stakeholders.

Jabbour Holding Group employs highly skilled staff in Australia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Iran, Libya, and Kuwait. This transnational presence enables the company to respond quickly to the changing nature of commercial opportunities in Australia and the Arab region.

Jabbour Holding Group reflects a long-standing affinity for cross-cultural exchange and a sincere and tested commitment to participating, facilitating and assisting in the growth and expansion of the very best of Australian enterprise both at home and abroad.

Our Chairman

Roland Jabbour, Esq, JP is the founding chairman of the Jabbour Holdings Group, Mr Jabbour has a long history in strengthening Australian-Arab relations with an extensive background in facilitating high-level relationships across education, government and economic sectors.

Over the years, Mr Jabbour has been at the forefront of Australia’s emergent and important relationship with the Arab world. This aspect of his public contribution has included leadership positions in federal bodies such as the Council for Australian Arab Relations (CAAR) and the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI). In 1992, Mr Jabbour’ s commitment to enhancing knowledge and cross-cultural communication also inspired him to found the peak community body, the Australian Arabic Council (AAC).

Mr Jabbour’s four decade career in commercial and public life has included honours such as the Australian Medal for the Centenary of Federation of Australia for Service to the Australian Community and his nomination for Australian of the Year (2004).

Integrity, a determination to succeed and the desire to enhance Australian access to, and understanding of, the Arab region have informed Mr Jabbour’s public life and are the values which underpin the philosophy of the Jabbour Holdings Group.


Roland Jabbour CV

Roland is a distinguished leader in public service and business entrepreneurship with extensive experience of commerce and international trade relations. He is the Chairman of Jabbour Holding Group of companies, with its corporate headquarters based in Melbourne Australia and offices across the Middle East region and globally. He oversees major projects between Australia and the Arab region, representing Australian universities, as well as private sector and government institutions. Roland’s business network extends over a number of sectors, including international education and training, property development and investments, migration services, Media, hospitality, travel and tourism.


For many years, Roland’s vision and leadership has achieved wide-ranging successful partnerships between Australia and the Arab region, facilitating business and trade relations that work to promote stronger ties between Australia and the Arab world. Roland is well-known and respected within governmental and semigovernmental circles. He is widely consulted for and invited by the media to provide comentry on issues of international affairs and multiculturalism.


He has developed a high profile as a community leader through longstanding commitment to public service and community initiatives. A firm believer in actively contributing in society, he has held numerous community positions and government appointments. He is the founding and current Chairman of the Australian Arabic Council (AAC); founding director of the Australia Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALCCI); and founding and current director of the Australia Oman Business Council (AOBC).

He served as former vice president and board member of the Council for Australian Arab Relations (CAAR) under the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (a federal government appointment); appointed Justice of the Peace for the State of Victoria; admitted to the Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices; a Founding Chairman of the Darebin Ethnic Communities Council. He also served as a member of, the Victorian Police Community Multicultural Advisory Council (PACMAC), the La Trobe University Centre for Dialogue, and the Deakin University Languages Advisory Board.


Roland has been a recipient of many awards from Australian and overseas governments in recognition of his service to the Australian community. These include the Order of Australia Medal (OAM), and the Medal for the Centenary of Federation of Australia, awarded by the Governor General & the Commonwealth of Australia for service to the Australian Community, and a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of voluntary service to the community awarded by the Premier of the State of Victoria.


He has also been Finalist for the Australian Ethnic Business Awards (2009) and nominated for the Australian of the Year award (2004).